There are many ways to bring God more into your daily life. This is something I am working on all the time and I’ve come up with some ideas that might help you too. Here are my suggestions for Catholic Living Throughout Your Day.

Before you start reading my ideas, I want to emphasize that I don’t think this is a contest where we are trying to prove ourselves to God. We aren’t trying to be Super Catholic Mom and stress ourselves out by adding more and more and more to our days. He knows our hearts. He sees our attempts. He loves us no matter what.

Catholic living throughout your day

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Catholic Living Throughout Your Day

Disclosure: Some of the links in the post below are affiliate links provided for your convenience. This means that if you purchase something through one of these links, I get a small commission at no added cost to you.

So, this is not meant to be a “to do” list and suggesting that you need to implement everything on the list. Think of it as a brainstorming list. Lots of ideas for you to choose from so you can use what works for you the best.

And, let me be COMPLETELY transparent here. I put together this list because there were days where I found that I was forgetting about God. I’d be going about my day and suddenly, it was bedtime and I hadn’t really thought about God or stopped to pray at all.

Set a timer on your phone – actually, set multiple timers.

You could put them at 6 am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm and use that time to pray the Angelus. If you have more time, you could look into praying the Liturgy of the Hours, but that is often not something that will fit into my weekday schedule. The Angelus takes mere minutes – if you use the Hallow app, it’s a 3 minute prayer.

Or set them to go off every hour. Take a moment to pray a simple one sentence prayer like “Thy will be done”, “Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”, or “I give thanks to You and praise You o Lord”. Even just a simple “Thank you God” or “help me God” can do amazing things!

Keep Bibles everywhere

I have two beside my bed (I like to be able to look at different translations). There’s a mini New Testament in my bathroom. I keep one in my purse and when my daughter was little, I had one in the diaper bag too. I always have one on my desk in my office and I have a Bible app on my phone so I can read scripture anywhere and everywhere.

When I am inspired to dig into God’s Word, I don’t want the lack of access to a Bible to be an excuse that gets in the way. This way, if the boys are busy playing and don’t need me, I can grab my Bible and read a few verses. Or if I’m waiting the water to boil for dinner, instead of just staring at the pot waiting for it to happen, I can use that time to read.

Put prayer baskets in rooms you spend most time in

Take the idea of keeping a Bible handy wherever you are and expand it with a prayer basket. I keep a Bible, Bible study, journal, pens and markers (specially designed for Bible journaling) in mine. In addition, I have my prayer book (where I write down prayer requests), cards with various prayers on them, and some greeting cards in the basket.

I can grab the basket whenever I have time to work on a Bible study or to spend some time in prayer. If I pray for someone or they come to mind during my prayer time, I write them a note and mail it off to let them know I’ve been praying for them. You might want to keep stamps and an address book in your basket too.

Hang scripture cards around the house

I write down meaningful verses on index cards and keep them in a card file. Then, I choose some every month or two and hang them around the house where I’ll see them as I go about my day. Put them on mirrors (like in the bathroom), doors, the fridge, and so on. You can add one to your screensaver on your computer and phone as well.

This will help keep God’s Word front and center throughout all the events of your day and remind you of His presence.

Put on praise music.

Listen to it while driving, waiting in the school pickup line, or while taking a walk (make sure that you are safe and can still hear what’s going on around you!). Or put it on while cooking or doing housework. I even like to have it playing softly in the background while I’m working.

You can also listen to podcasts, Bible readings, Bible studies, or Christian books on Audible.

Display Christian artwork.

You can make your own on Canva or purchase some from Etsy or other sources. Some of my favorites include The Little Rose Shop (I have the morning offering mug. It makes it so easy to pray while drinking my morning coffee or tea! She has t-shirts, blankets, and more. She also has a beautiful macrame rosary wall hanging that I’m currently working on), Art by Corby (I have his illustration of The Visitation and it’s simply beautiful), and my all-time favorite, Jen Olson Illustration (I have a bunch of her Catholic saint illustrations hanging around my home).

Put together a home altar.

When I was a teacher, it was a tradition in our school board to place a “beautiful table” in each of our classrooms. They were meant to be a place where we could create displays related to our faith and invite our students to add to it with things they viewed as beautiful. These were our version of a classroom altar.

I continued this tradition at home and now, I have an altar in my bedroom. It provides me with some focus when I wake up and before going to bed and gives me a place where I can pray. Of course, I pray all over the house but sometimes, when I’m having trouble feeling a connection to God, the altar helps me.

I cover it with a cloth related to the liturgical season. I have candles on it as well (battery, remote control operated candles so when my health isn’t the best, I can still enjoy them). There’s a crucifix, a statue of Mary, and a rosary. I generally rotate some Christian artwork and sometimes add a sign with a Bible verse on it.

I also keep a jar of blessed salt and some holy oil on it and hanging over it, I have a font for holy water.

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