paper plate yarn cross

This paper plate yarn cross is easy to make and inexpensive. They’re a great one to make with your kids at home or even as part of Sunday school or Vacation Bible school.

If painting is not possible when making these yarn crosses with a group, you can adapt give them crayons to color the plates with instead. Or make a tissue paper craft. Crumple up pieces of tissue paper in the appropriate colors and glue them on. It might take more than one session to complete it but it will still be really pretty!



  • Paper plate
  • Yarn
  • Paint(blue and brown is what we used but you can use any colors you’d like)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape if desired
  • Single hole punch


Cut a cross from the paper plate. We were able to fold it in half to cut it out but you can certainly create a template to trace around it first if that’s easier. Adults will need to help with this step.

Paint the paper plate for your design. Paint the upper portion blue to symbolize the sky and the lower portion brown to symbolize the ground. We made ours look like a hill so the cross would be sitting on the hilltop. Let the paint dry before doing the next step.

Using a single-hole punch, punch a hole along each end of the cross – top, bottom, right, and left edges.

Pro Tip: You might need to bend the paper plate slightly to fit it into the hole punch.

Insert the yarn into the punched holes. You can simply overlap the yarn or weave it through to create a different look and texture.

Tie the yarn off at the back or cut and tape it to secure. You could also use a couple of dabs of glue if you prefer.

Hang it up with tape or punch a hole near the top of the paper plate and tie a piece of yarn through to use as a hanger.

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