This popsicle stick cross is really easy to make and a great craft for kids to make. It’s especially appropriate at Easter but could be created at any time of the year.

Most of the supplies are available at your local dollar store, making this a very inexpensive craft project. It’s perfect for home crafting or use with large groups such as a Sunday School or Vacation Bible School class.

Popsicle Stick Cross

Begin by gathering all your materials so you’re ready to craft!


  • Popsicle sticks – you need two of the jumbo (tongue depressor size) and two of the regular-sized popsicle sticks for each cross
  • Yarn – a scrap piece
  • Paint – acrylic craft paint in any color you want
  • Paintbrush – a regular paintbrush or foam brush will work well
  • Glue gun and glue sticks or liquid school glue (Adult supervision needed for children making these crosses if using hot glue but the liquid glue will take longer to dry. )


Begin by painting the popsicle sticks. Let them dry.

Place two of the jumbo sticks side by side and glue two of the regular-sized sticks across them to form the cross shape.

You can use the cross with smaller sticks on the front of the cross or at the back depending on your preference. Once you have decided which way you want yours, wrap a piece of yarn around the cross where the different sizes of sticks meet, tying them off and securing them with glue at the back.

You can wrap the yarn around diagonally or you can do some diagonally and some horizontally around the cross. Check out the photos for inspiration and choose which look you prefer.

If you want to hang up your crosses, you can tie a small piece of yarn through the wrapped yarn at the back of the cross or glue a soda pop can tab on the back to serve as a hanger.

You can use your imagination and add other elements to this cross. On one of them, we cut up pieces of a popsicle stick and used that to add some design to it. You could also add other small items from your craft stash – buttons, shapes cut from felt or craft foam, and so on.

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